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International Conference Focuses on Reform, Training in Albania

December 18, 2013

On Friday, December 13, IFES hosted an international conference at the Sheraton Tirana Hotel to discuss prospects for reforming methods and current practices for appointing and training election officials in Albania.

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New Results Website and App Increase Transparency in Albanian Election

June 25, 2013

After Albanians cast their ballots in the June 23 parliamentary elections, they did not have to wait long to obtain preliminary results. The Central Election Commission (CEC), with support from IFES, has been presenting preliminary results from voting centers to news media, online and through a smart phone app immediately after counting.

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Elections in Albania: June 23 Parliamentary Elections

June 17, 2013

Albania’s upcoming election will see over 3,270,000 registered voters cast their ballots for members of Parliament and positions in local government. Elected parliamentarians will serve for four years and elect Albania’s President in up to five rounds of voting. Elections in Albania: June 23 Parliamentary Elections IFES’ frequently asked questions (FAQs), discusses the core elements of the upcoming poll.

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Albania’s Momentous Mayoral Election

June 22, 2011

The mayoral race for the city of Tirana is one of the most important electoral races in Albania. In addition to serving as chief executive of the largest city in the country, the mayor also wields significant influence over national affairs.

Albania on an Electoral Precipice

May 30, 2011

The May 8 mayor and city council elections across Albania captured the world’s attention, first with the news that Socialist Party (SP) leader and incumbent mayor Edi Rama had won by a mere ten votes, and then with the subsequent announcement of the Central Election Commission’s decision to count hundreds of previously disqualified ballots, which would likely to reverse the preliminary results in favor of the Democratic Party (DP) challenger Lulzim Basha.


Targeted Assistance to the Voter Registration Process: IFES Final Activity Report May 2000-June 2002

August 2002

This report is a narrative of IFES Albania program activities under the CEPPS I funding mechanism from May 2000- June 2002. During the period covered in this report IFES was involved with the CEC in preparation for the local government elections of October 2000; the revision of the national voter registry; preparing for and administering the election to the National Assembly in June 2001; the 'clean-up' of the national election including an assessment of the process and identification of future activities of the CEC; and conduct of surveys of local election officials and the judiciary.  This document reports on all of these items.

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2001 Nationwide Survey of Zone and Local Government Election Officials

July 01, 2002

The aim of this report is to present key findings from the first nationwide survey of local election officials, held in November and December 2001 in Albania. During this period, both local government and zone election officials were interviewed, with the objective of seeking their views on a range of topics relating to election administration and their experiences during the parliamentary elections in 2001. This report has been produced for the Central Election Commission, following an extensive analysis of the results and the extraction of key findings by the International Foundation for Election Systems. The survey findings highlight various improvements as identified by the election officials and potential focus areas for the Central Election Commission, local election commissions and political parties, leading up to the local government elections in 2003.
This report contains three sections. Part one contains a brief overview of the election officials survey project, the structure of the questionnaire and the classification system used for grouping responses in this report. Part two of this report highlights key findings based on data collated and analyzed by IFES. For easy reference, findings are presented both as percentages and totals, in one of seven topic areas. In part 3 of this report, IFES offers comments and observations in a number of areas in the context of future requirements for the improvements of the democratic electoral process in Albania.


2002 Nationwide Survey of the Judiciary

June 01, 2002

This report presents results from the first nationwide survey of the Albanian judiciary, undertaken by the International Foundation for Election Systems during the month of February 2002. The findings presented in this report are based on data collated from 301 members of the Albanian judiciary at district court, appeals court and constitutional court level.
This report is composed of three parts. Part one provides an overview of the survey project and the methodology followed to achieve the project objectives. Part two presents some of the key results from the survey by topic area covered by the interviewer and questionnaire. In part three IFES offers comments and observations about the findings and the role of the judiciary in the election disputes resolution process.
This survey has proved to be a useful tool for measuring the level of experience and opinions of the judiciary thereby providing a clear understanding of the challenges faced and the priorities for judicial training prior to the local government elections in 2003.

Albania Final Report: April 1998-September 2000

December 2000

This report summarizes IFES Albania program activities from April 1998 through September 2000.  The report reviews IFES advice given to the Central Election Commission, discussions regarding a new constitution, civic education and the drafting of a new electoral code. 

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Albania Technical Assistance to the CEC and Legal Reform Status Report, April - December 1998

January 1999

This report summarizes IFES efforts in the Republic of Albania from April through
December 1998. It begins with a Project Background that briefly describes IFES
involvement in Albania from 1991 through 1997, the opening of the IFES/Albania office
in April 1998 in advance of USAID funding and the three-phase IFES proposal to

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