At a men's polling station at Talal Aslan Scool, large numbers of men wait in the hallways to vote. Photo by John Lawrence/IFES.

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Before and After the Arab Spring

February 23, 2012

In this second podcast celebrating IFES' silver anniversary, Michael Svetlik, IFES Vice President of Programs, talks about the Middle East and North Africa region's quest for democracy.

Elections, Democracy Assistance

Thomas Carothers Speaks on the Arab Spring at IFES

December 07, 2011

The Arab Spring has sparked a new dynamic in democracy support where the United States and Europe are no longer the only advisors, Carothers told IFES project leaders and guests Tuesday.

IFES Launches Innovative Website to Decrease the Gender Gap in the MENA Region

November 7, 2011 is an interactive website that provides data on the status of women in the Middle East and North Africa with the purpose of empowering local gender advocates in the fight for their cause.

Women's Empowerment, All Inclusion and Empowerment, Advocacy, All Citizen Participation Launches on 3 November

October 28, 2011, the digital complement to the Status of Women in the Middle East and North Africa (SWMENA) program, will go live on 3 November. The interactive website will feature all data collected between 2009 and 2010 on the social, political and economic status of women in Lebanon, Morocco and Yemen in three languages.

Women's Empowerment, Civil Society, Public Opinion

New Challenges, Opportunities for Women’s Political Participation in the Middle East

August 16, 2011

IFES Senior Research Specialist Rola Abdul-Latif and Deputy Director for Europe and Asia Vasu Mohan shed light on some of the challenges and opportunities facing women in the region during InterAction’s Forum 2011 on Aug. 12 in Washington.

Women in the Middle East: Attitudes and Advocacy in an Opening Political Space

August 12, 2011

Rola Abdul-Latif, IFES Senior Research Specialist, and Vasu Mohan, IFES Deputy Director for Europe and Asia, will present at a workshop on women in the Middle East during InterAction’s 2011 Forum.

“Enhancing Transparency in Political Finance in the Arab Region” Project Launched

July 28, 2011

On Wednesday, 20 July 2011, in Lebanon, the Arab Region Parliamentarians Against Corruption (ARPAC) and the International Foundation for Electoral Systems (IFES) launched their joint project, Enhancing Transparency in Political Finance in the Arab Region

All Electoral Integrity and Transparency

After the Spring: Where Reform Stands for the MENA Countries

July 27, 2011

Given the uprisings started seven months ago, what are the citizens of the MENA expecting as an outcome of the protests and where do the countries stand in achieving them?

Electoral Systems, Legal Framework

IFES Hosts Panels on Rights of Women and Persons with Disabilities at InterAction Forum

July 27, 2011

InterAction's Annual Forum is one of the largest gatherings of international development and humanitarian professionals in the country. During the two-day event in August practitioners and advocates will come together to share knowledge and expertise. IFES will be presenting at two workshops this year.

Focus on Lebanon | Healthcare Access

February 25, 2011

The SWMENA survey investigated the extent to which women in Lebanon had access to formal healthcare. The survey also examined issues of affordability, quality of care, utilization, and proximity to medical services. This topic brief presents the principal findings with respect to healthcare and women’s access to it.

Public Opinion, Women's Empowerment

Country In Brief

Transition to democracy can be a very slow process, but the events of early 2011 have shown how suddenly the political climate of a nation can change. This year’s revolts for democratization in Tunisia and Egypt, as well as the demonstrations that have swept through other countries in the MENA region, have captured the world’s attention and shown us, once again, that the right to have a say in one’s government is not only a human right but also a powerful human desire.


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