Since 2010, the International Foundation for Electoral Systems (IFES) has been working in Guatemala providing technical assistance to the Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE) to strengthen its capacity to conduct free and fair elections. During the 2011 general elections process, IFES supported the TSE in a number of areas including electoral information technology to update the voter registry, transmission of preliminary elections results, communications and outreach, campaign finance, inclusion of women and persons with disabilities, and coordination of electoral security efforts. 

IFES continues to support the TSE amid a very tense and volatile political context plagued with controversies that have decreased public confidence in the country’s institutions. Specifically, IFES is assisting the TSE to strengthen its capacity to counter political violence and better regulate campaign finance. IFES promotes increased participation of cisgender and transgender women, youth, indigenous people, and people with disabilities for a more inclusive and peaceful process. To that end, activities include:

  • Strategic and operational planning support;
  • Updating electoral risk assessment and mapping tools;
  • Technical assistance to improve inter-institutional coordination among electoral security stakeholders;
  • Analysis and support in the implementation of electoral dispute resolution mechanisms;
  • Trainings for electoral officials to increase conflict resolution skills;
  • Trainings for election and government officials on the rights of traditionally marginalized groups;
  • A civic education campaign promoting a transparent, peaceful and tolerant electoral process;
  • Media monitoring to strengthen the TSE’s capacity to conduct campaign finance oversight; and
  • Targeted technical advice on other campaign finance oversight activities.