For over a decade, the International Foundation and Electoral Systems (IFES) has been providing technical assistance to the electoral commission in Haiti to build capacity to administer transparent, free, and fair elections. In April 2013, IFES began implementation of a program that aims to strengthen the capacity of the Provisional Electoral Council (CEP) to communicate more effectively and efficiently with the Haitian electorate and key stakeholder groups. Through this effort, IFES is working with the CEP to improve participation of women and people with disabilities in the electoral process.

Current activities include:

  • Supporting the CEP in the design and implementation of an inclusive communications strategy;
  • Provision of capacity building training on media crisis management targeting key election officials;
  • Support to the implementation of mechanisms to facilitate dialogue and information sharing between the CEP and political parties;
  • Technical assistance on the design of outreach communication messages and materials targeting electoral key stakeholders groups;
  • Dissemination of civic and voter education messages through a variety of traditional and non-traditional mechanisms;
  • Support to the creation of Electoral Information Centers at the departmental and communal level;
  • Support for the development and implementation of a disability and gender mainstreaming strategy to improve participation of underrepresented groups, particularly persons with disabilities and women, in the electoral and political process;
  • Engaging civil society groups, including youth, gender-based organizations, and disabled person’s organizations (DPOs) to actively participate in the development and dissemination of voter motivation messages; and
  • Targeted training to increase journalists reporting skills and understanding of their role in the election process.