Research and Surveys

The International Foundation for Electoral Systems (IFES) conducts innovative applied research to identify socio-political and programmatic factors that impact the development of robust democratic institutions and processes, which informs the development of effective programming in the democracy and governance sector. IFES’ research addresses emerging issues in the democracy and governance sector and utilizes research data to inform and evaluate programming that supports the democratization process. Topical research on technical electoral areas addresses critical issues such as electoral integrity, the appropriate use of technology in elections, and conflict in elections in order to highlight key factors impacting electoral processes and to identify best practices for effective programs to sustain electoral and democratic development. IFES’ long-standing opinion research programs are focused on providing data on citizens’ voices to inform and evaluate IFES programs of support, as well as to provide reliable data on the electoral and political environment impacting these programs. This topical and opinion research provides electoral stakeholders with research findings that can bring clarity to often-opaque processes and identifies tangible programmatic approaches in challenging environments. With more than 25 years of experience in conducting applied research, IFES is an industry leader in using evidence-based approaches to address critical issues and advance innovation in democracy and governance programming.