Jessica Huber, Senior Specialist, Gender

Senior Gender Specialist Jessica Huber has 20 years of experience working in the fields of women’s empowerment and gender equality, community peace building, human rights and governance. At IFES, she is responsible for the global gender program, which promotes political participation, justice and equal rights for women and men around the world.

Prior to joining IFES, Huber spent significant time in Uganda, where she worked to empower women and girls recovering from conflict, and succeeded in incorporating gender and peace-building activities into economic security programs. She has successfully advocated for international human rights policies, including United Nations Security Council resolutions and has expertise in building the capacities of government institutions and civil society partners working on gender, conflict resolution and governance.

She has a bachelor’s degree in urban studies from Vassar College and a master’s degree in peace studies from Trinity College, Dublin.



Email Address:
+1 (202) 350-6700