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From Afghanistan to Zambia, the International Foundations for Electoral Systems (IFES) provides informative Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on elections. IFES’ FAQs cover a range of important questions – detailing everything from Election Day procedures to electoral legal frameworks to provisions to provide access for persons with disabilities – offering comprehensive primers of important electoral processes.

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24 Jul 2017 | Election FAQs
On July 30, Senegalese voters will elect the 150 members of the National Assembly. In total, 47 lists of parties and coalitions will present candidates for election. Elections in the National...
20 Jul 2017 | Election FAQs
On August 8, Kenyans will vote for president, county governors, members of the Senate, representatives to the National Assembly (including women county representatives to the National Assembly), and...
17 Jul 2017 | Election FAQs
On July 22, Timorese citizens will vote to elect members of the National Parliament, who serve five-year terms. 
19 Jun 2017 | Election FAQs
From June 24 through July 8, citizens of Papua New Guinea will directly elect 111 members of the National Parliament (MPs). The MPs will be selected from among 3,340 candidates, which include...
6 Jun 2017 | Election FAQs
Kosovo will hold extraordinary elections on June 11 to fill the 120 seats in the Assembly of Kosovo. While the next parliamentary election was scheduled for mid-2018, the Assembly adopted a no-...
30 May 2017 | Election FAQs
Cambodia will hold local commune and sangkat council elections on June 4, with eligible voters electing members to 1,646 councils across Cambodia. 
19 May 2017 | Election FAQs
On May 28, Burkinabé voters in 19 communes will elect municipal councilors, who will in turn elect their mayors and deputy mayors. To help you understand this important electoral process,...
15 May 2017 | Election FAQs
On May 19, Iranians will go to the polls to elect their next president and members of city and village councils. If no candidate receives a majority (50% plus one) in the presidential election, the...
9 May 2017 | Election FAQs
Palestine will hold elections on May 13, with voters choosing 3,849 members of municipal and village councils in the West Bank. Elections have been called for 391 councils. However, voting will only...
8 May 2017 | Election FAQs
On May 14 and June 14, 2017, Nepali voters will go to the polls to elect their local representatives, with citizens from different provinces voting on different days.
27 Apr 2017 | Election FAQs
On May 4, Algeria will hold elections for the People’s National Assembly. Voters will elect 462 members of the lower house of the bicameral Parliament. These elections will be the first since...
10 Apr 2017 | Election FAQs
The Republic of Turkey will hold a constitutional referendum on Sunday, April 16. This will be the sixth constitutional referendum in the country since the passage of the 1982 constitution.