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From Afghanistan to Zambia, the International Foundations for Electoral Systems (IFES) provides informative Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on elections. IFES’ FAQs cover a range of important questions – detailing everything from Election Day procedures to electoral legal frameworks to provisions to provide access for persons with disabilities – offering comprehensive primers of important electoral processes.

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9 Apr 2013 | Election FAQs
On April 14, with the death of former President Hugo Chávez on many minds, Venezuelans will cast their vote in a snap election for a new president. IFES' frequently asked questions (FAQs) on...
27 Feb 2013 | Election FAQs
IFES' frequently asked questions (FAQs) on Elections in Kenya: March 4 General Elections explain, among other things, the effects of the violence from the 2007 elections, important aspects of the new...
12 Feb 2013 | Election FAQs
Elections in Armenia: February 18 Presidential Elections, IFES’ Frequently Asked Questions, sheds light on Armenia’s electoral system, the candidates and the current political situation.
16 Jan 2013 | Election FAQs
The January 23 Chamber of Deputies elections in Jordan will be the first parliamentary elections administered under the authority of the Independent Election Commission (IEC), which was established...
25 Oct 2012 | Election FAQs
On October 28, Ukrainians will go to the polls to fill 450 seats in the country’s national legislature, the Verkhovna Rada. These parliamentary elections will be the first since 2002 to be held...
2 Mar 2012 | Election FAQs
Protests following the December 2011 State Duma elections revealed a change in the dynamic between the Russian population and the Kremlin, leaving many to wonder how this growing grassroots...