With an array of experts on electoral and political processes, the International Foundation for Electoral Systems (IFES) regularly produces white papers, books, reports and manuals on topics such as election security; political finance; gender equality; standards for conducting election audits and ensuring electoral integrity and transparency; public opinion on elections and democracy; and providing equal access for persons with disabilities to electoral and political processes. 

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18 Jul 2012 | PUBLICATION
To help men and women advocate effectively on behalf of women’s issues, the Handbook for Women’s Rights Advocates has been presented across Afghanistan.
3 Jul 2012 | PUBLICATION
IFES conducted ethical and procedural election administration trainings for 13,811 appointed Armenian Precinct Election Commissioners (PEC) in 1,982 precincts from April 15 through May 3, 2012.
3 Jul 2012 | PUBLICATION
In the shadows of the tense 2007 election and the recent successful presidential election, citizens of Timor Leste will go to the polls on July 7 to elect a new parliament.
29 Jun 2012 | PUBLICATION
One year after achieving independence, the Republic of South Sudan continues along the path of building a sustainable democracy.
28 Jun 2012 | PUBLICATION
From July 3-7, the Libyan diaspora will cast their ballots in the first national election since the fall of former leader Mu’amar Gaddafi. On July 7, Libyans in country will participate in...
27 Jun 2012 | PUBLICATION
Mexicans head to the polls this Sunday to elect a new president, with hopes of economic progress and heightened security concerns. Mexico's election commission, the Instituto Federal Electoral (IFE...
25 Jun 2012 | PUBLICATION
On October 28, Ukrainians will choose parliamentarians to represent single-member districts for the first time in 10 years. The Central Election Commission of Ukraine recently announced the...
21 Jun 2012 | PUBLICATION
Elections in Papua New Guinea: 2012 National General Elections answers frequently asked questions about the electoral system in the Pacific island nation and the political context of this year's...
14 Jun 2012 | PUBLICATION
Egyptians will choose to vote for Muslim Brotherhood’s candidate Mohamed Morsi or Ahmed Shafiq, former air force commander and the last prime minister to serve under Mubarak. Elections in Egypt...
7 Jun 2012 | PUBLICATION
From working with persons with disabilities, to empowering women, to leveraging technology to increase trust and participation, IFES understands and shares its experiences in Africa, Asia, Europe,...
18 May 2012 | PUBLICATION
Voters in the Dominican Republic will go to the polls May 20 to elect a president and vice president in the first election held under the constitutional reforms of 2010...
9 May 2012 | PUBLICATION
In the third white paper in an ongoing series on electoral fraud, IFES presents a set of practical definitions that will help election managers, experts and observers to accurately identify and...