The International Foundation for Electoral Systems (IFES) regularly disseminates press releases and statements on critical issues. Our senior representatives meet with policymakers around the world and are often called to testify on the impact of democracy assistance by U.S. lawmakers. We value every opportunity to highlight the importance of democracy assistance and the need for sustained support for our mission to give citizens a voice in how they are governed.

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11 Apr 2007 | Press Release
Armenian citizens will soon have a new and more efficient way to confirm that they are registered to vote, thanks to a project implemented by IFES and funded by the United States government.
11 Apr 2007 | Press Release
Washington, DC – APRIL 12, 2007 – A new survey from IFES indicates that more than seven out of ten Nigerians believe that vote buying happens either “all of the time” or “most of the time”...
9 Apr 2007 | Press Release
A new survey indicates that a growing number of Nigerians think the upcoming elections will be free and fair, when compared to the last two elections. However, concerns about election-related...
2 Apr 2007 | Press Release
The Federal Election Commission and IFES, a non-profit organization dedicated to building democratic societies, co-hosted an international conference, Setting Global Political Finance Standards, on...
7 Mar 2007 | Press Release
A new publication from IFES documents activities and lessons learned from the first-ever project that aimed to increase voting by Nicaraguans with disabilities and thereby make the country’s...
22 Feb 2007 | Press Release
A new survey from IFES indicates that a vast majority of Aceh residents are satisfied with the election process that put the government of Governor Irwandi Yusuf in power
11 Feb 2007 | Press Release
IFES is urging Guinean President Lansana Conte to name a prime minister acceptable to the broad spectrum of Guinean people to help bring an end to violent protests
8 Feb 2007 | Press Release
Washington, DC – FEBRUARY 8, 2007 – Sri Lanka launched the country’s first computerized voter registry today, the result of a two-year project with IFES that began after the 2004 tsunami destroyed...
1 Feb 2007 | Press Release
IFES is launching a new program this month aimed at educating young Yemenis about their rights and responsibilities as active citizens in a democracy
30 Jan 2007 | Press Release
IFES has named Jean-Pierre Kingsley, outgoing Chief Electoral Officer of Canada, as its new President and Chief Executive Officer
18 Jan 2007 | Press Release
More than 400 Nigerians will monitor election-related violence and work to prevent it in the lead up to the country’s legislative and presidential vote in April.
19 Dec 2006 | Press Release
The United States Government's Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) initiative recently concluded training for more than 30 Malawian journalists on investigative and corruption reporting.