With an array of experts on electoral and political processes, the International Foundation for Electoral Systems (IFES) regularly produces white papers, books, reports and manuals on topics such as election security; political finance; gender equality; standards for conducting election audits and ensuring electoral integrity and transparency; public opinion on elections and democracy; and providing equal access for persons with disabilities to electoral and political processes. 

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21 Dec 2017 | PUBLICATION
21 Dec 2017 | PUBLICATION
21 Dec 2017 | PUBLICATION
12 Dec 2017 | PUBLICATION
For Timor-Leste's 2017 presidential and parliamentary elections, IFES supported local disabled people’s organization Ra’es Hadomi Timor Oan (RHTO) to conduct disability access monitoring. For the...
1 May 2017 | PUBLICATION
Our 2016 Annual Report discusses IFES’ work with partners around the world to ensure credible and transparent elections. We thank all of our supporters and partners for their efforts to help IFES...
20 Apr 2017 | PUBLICATION
Election experts from the International Foundation for Electoral Systems (IFES) were invited to contribute four chapters to a publication of the American Bar Association’s (ABA) Standing Committee on...
13 Apr 2017 | PUBLICATION
Women in Bangladesh are uniquely impacted by pervasive violence in the country’s electoral process. To explore the effect of electoral violence on women’s participation, IFES convened seven focus...
5 Apr 2017 | PUBLICATION
The abuse of state resources can be a major corruptive force in the electoral process. In many countries, the abuse of state resources is not sufficiently regulated, or there are disparities between...
27 Feb 2017 | PUBLICATION
First Universal Democratic Elections in Independent Georgia offers a detailed overview of the first national democratic elections conducted in the Republic of Georgia in 1918.
15 Feb 2017 | PUBLICATION
IFES’ “International Language Guidelines on Disability” includes terminology related to electoral access and inclusion in seven languages (Arabic, Bahasa Indonesian, English, French, Kyrgyz, Russian...
8 Feb 2017 | PUBLICATION
In an effort to better understand and address the ways in which electoral violence creates a barrier to women’s participation, IFES has developed the Violence Against Women in Elections (VAWIE)...